4 Perfect Occasions to Share a Limo Ride with Your Children

When you want to make a child’s special occasion memorable, you can do so with the help of Cedillo Limousines. Whether you’re celebrating a milestone birthday, graduation, bar mitzvah, or sweet sixteen, a limo can take you to the right destination.Limos are spacious, comfortable, and luxurious. Children will love cruising around in one. A limousine … Read more

Top Reasons to Hire a Limo Service for New Year’s Eve

The countdown to the new year is one of the most awaited nights of the year. It’s being thought about everywhere, not just in the US. While welcoming in the New Year is always a joy, the pressure to make this particular evening truly unforgettable may be overwhelming. Getting into crowded places, organizing with a … Read more

Top 3 School Events That Require Limo Service

When it comes to using a limo service, there is no upper age restriction with which you must comply. Everyone, from corporate clients to high school seniors, needs a reliable limo service for special occasions. During a student’s time in school, there are many situations and events where they may want to look stylish. Teens … Read more

4 Reasons to Choose a Party Bus for Your Birthday

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4 Reasons to Hire a Limousine Service for Halloween

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How to Plan Your Event With a Party Limousine Service

Before planning your Limousine party service, you should ask yourself the following questions for the best results.● What type of event do you have?● How big is the event?● How many people will be attending?● What kind of budget do you have?● Where will the event be held?● What kind of transportation do you want … Read more

Is a Limo Service Right for Your Special Day?

There are a few occasions where you might need to rent a limousine. These occasions include a wedding, prom, concert, or maybe just for the day. If you’re planning a formal event, a limo will create a classy and sophisticated first impression. If you’re planning an informal event, a limo will improve the vibe of … Read more