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5 Questions to Ask Your Limo Service Before Your Wedding

A limousine rental service will add a touch of glamor to your wedding, making you feel like a celebrity. However, the process of arranging the details can be stressful and time-consuming. Planning food, décor, and guest dresses is essential. Not to mention the posh limo service to and from the venue! Unless you are an expert, it may be challenging to incorporate all of these elements into a seamless, elegant event. Here are the five questions you should ask limo services before hiring them.

  1. What Are the Prices?

After that, you can compare limousine companies and prices. Look at wedding packages and offers to find the best experience for you and your partner. Remember that you usually get what you pay for. Cheap is rarely better. Sometimes we wish we were less frugal and could afford the more expensive option. It may be worth paying more for premium service, facilities, and comforts. However, you must choose what's best for you and your finances.

  1. How Many People Can I Bring?How Many People Can I Bring?

You probably want to rent a limo for you and your future spouse to travel around in. However, including the entire wedding party may be also unquestionably crucial to you. You can share the limo with your bridesmaids and groomsmen or rent another one for them.

  1. What Is The Minimum Rental Time?

This question is irrelevant if you plan to spend most of your wedding day in the limousine. However, the answer may help someone who needed one before and after the event. Ask about the shortest rental period possible and the start and end dates. Does the minimum four-hour duration start when you get in the car or when the driver arrives?

  1. What Types of Limousines Are Available?

From the traditional stretch limousine to the SUV-based variant, limos come in multiple styles. Inquire as to the limos' manufacturer, model, and year of manufacture. Limousine services typically provide various vehicle options for the same base fare or number of passengers. Verify that the limousine service you're considering has a reliable fleet. Hire a business that has both modern and vintage luxury vehicles at its disposal.

  1. Do I Get a Contract?

Developing this practice benefits you and the business. Get to the point. Plan the pick-up time, limo rental duration, special requests, and other evening details here. Also, discuss who pays for limo damage, accidents, etc. Your wedding day ride should be perfect, whether you rent a limo, sprinter van, or luxury sedan.

Celebrate the Most Important Moment in Your Life with Cedillo Limousine Services!Celebrate the Most Important Moment in Your Life with Cedillo Limousine Services!

Truthfully, nothing matters more than having fun with the one you love on your wedding day. Get a limo service that you can trust to take care of you by calling them.

Cedillo Limousine has luxurious automobiles driven by trained professionals who provide exceptional service to our clients. We're proud to say our limousine service is among the best in the business. Contact us today, and let us make your occasion truly memorable!